Automix 480


Width = 70cm / Depth = 72cm / Height = 121.5cm
Platform height = 49cm
With optional realised height platform to reach 68cm


The Automix 480 is the very latest development by Merris and follows a long tradition of solid reliable products. The New Automix 480 incorporates a number of new features that provide for efficient, quiet and safe operations. The Automix features a new revolving door that works within the machine footprint so taking up less space in shops and not restricting operators workspace. It also features enclosed lead screws that prevent them from spills and extend the life ensuring they are only ever immersed in grease rather than paint.

New roller wheels mean very easy movement of machine into place and also new base floor so that you can access via pallet truck to move longer distance. Front access feet only so that unit can be moved in/out of position easily and repositioned for maintenance. Simple easy front access to all electrical systems and standard control package now on all new Shakers and Gyroscopic Mixers thereby reducing parts inventory if running both types of Merris Products. Simplified for service training so that you learn one system and same for all.


The Automix is uncomplicated and uncluttered in its features. Simply open door, place can on platform, close door and select time. The display explains what is happening as machine will clamp and then go into mixing mode. It will display the time and functions as it is going through cycle. When the door is closed and time selected the door automatically locks and will not open till machine is finished cycle and stopped moving. There are built in failsafes if a can happens to come loose and machine will automatically stop.

Technical data

Revolving door fits inside machine when opened (mechanically operated)

Fully automated clamping and shaking

User interface with programmable shaking times

Simple yet robust electrical system / Siemens Technology

Stepped floor to allow pallet truck underneath for moving

Timer setting: 3 times, user programmable

Wheels on platform for ease of moving and front feet only for stabilisation

Long life and low maintenance

Enclosed lead screws protected from paint spills (easy access to grease)

Unique clamping technology – variable pressures as required

Easy access to electrical system

Fully enclosed safety door lock mechanism

Max product height 48cm

Max product width 38cm

Shake motor power 0.75kw 1hp

Min product height 6cm

Timer setting – 3 times user programmable

Data sheet