AeroColor P Series


Width = 21cm / Depth = 32cm / Height = 79cm


The Aerocolor ‘P’ Series filling machines allow pre-fill spray paint cans (already containing propellant and specific additives) to be filled with individual paints. There are two different Aerocolor filling machines to choose from, each offering advantages for different needs. Both machines fill 600ml and 400ml. The Aerocolor ‘P’ Series is ideal for filling medium to large volumes.

Exterior: Case made of High Grade stainless steel with door, push button operating controls cylinder – paint receptacle.

System pressure: 4 – 6 bar

Working pressure: 4 bar constant

Capacity: Approx. 35 – 45 cans/ hr

Max. filling viscosity: 300 s/DIN 4 mm

Life: Built to last since there is almost no wear and tear

Interior: Painted in anti-graffiti paint, removable piston control head for easy cleaning or replacement. One cup does all sizes. Safety interlock on door so door must be full closed and locked to operate.

“Very good value for money – high quality product in looks, design and construction”

Technical data

Robust, stable machine, suitable for filling medium size orders

All important functions directly displayed and easy to read

Pressure regulator easy to use (working pressure 4-6 bar)

Portable, removable piston, which fits the cylinder for easy cleaning

No power supply required – air only

Very easy to operate and very safe

Suitable for filling 600ml and 400ml cans

Suitable for filling 1K and 2K coating qualities

Suitable for water-and solvent-based coats

Fast colour change

Data sheet

Aerocolor P Series
Aerocolor P Series
Aerocolor P Series