Automix 400


Width = 70cm / Depth = 72cm / Height = 121.5cm


The Automix 400 is a brand new shaker designed for the mid range market by Merris and follows a long tradition of solid reliable products. The New Automix 400 incorporates a number of new features that provide for efficient, quiet and safe operations in any mixing application. Features now common on all new Automix shakers such as enclosed leadscrews protected from spills, enhancing the lifetime of the product as it ensures the leadscrews are always free from dirt. A large opening door that can be hinged left or right to suit your shop environment or production site. New roller wheels mean very easy access that allows for machine to be moved in/out of position easily and repositioned for maintenance. The floor base of the machine is also designed to allow a pallet truck underneath for ease of moving from warehouse to shop and even allows for possibility of moving machine without a pallet. Neat front step for loading and unloading your cans/pails of materials.

The New Electrical system is now incorporated across the range and proven reliability over the last 10 years of use. We have standardised common parts to reduce inventory for you as our customer thereby simplifying stock holding and for simplicity in servicing. You learn one system and same for all products. Also, the reliability is that good you can forget about expensive PCB cards too replace faulty boards as that does not feature on our new product range!


New simple control Logic – same across all Merris products. Strong, reliable quality. User friendly controls, push button with screen for clear operational information and diagnostics. Built for heavy duty applications and to run constantly for years. All electrics accessible from front hinged door making servicing a very simple task! Very smooth and quiet operationally.

Technical data

Lowest cost shaker on the market over a 5 or 10 year period

Hinged door with option of hinged left or right side to open accordingly to suit

Fully automated Clamping and Shaking

User interface with programmable shaking times

Simple yet ROBUST and RELIABLE electrical system (Siemens Tech)

Unique Clamping technology, variable pressures as required

Enclosed and protected leadscrews – ensure long life

Easy access to all electrics from front of unit

Wheels on Base of machine – simple to move into position

Steeped floor to allow manual pallet truck underneath to easily move to/from warehouse

Proven efficient mixing even tough heavy materials

Long life and low maintenance are standard

Fully enclosed safety door lock mechanism

Max product height: 40cm

Variable speed Inverter drive options available. Automix 400i

Max product width: 38cm

Min product height: 6cm

Time setting – 3 times user programmable

Shaker motor 0.75kw 1 HP

Data sheet