Midimix 10ltr


Width = 64cm / Height = 127cm
Depth = 87cm (with optional shelf)
Depth = 62cm (without optional shelf)


The Midimix automatic shaker is a superior 10 litre shaker, which is efficient, quiet and safe. This fully automatic unit features programmable shaking times and clamping pressures and is based on merris reliable patented clamping technology.

The machine is very easy to operate and being fully automated it minimises operator time. Simply place the can on the platform, shut the door and choose the shaking time using the control panel. The clamp plate moves down and clamps the can and stops when desired clamp pressure is achieved. Shaking starts automatically and when the cycle ends the clamp plate releases the can automatically.

For maximum safety the door cannot be opened before the operating cycle has finished. An additional stop button is provided, which could be used to stop all operations at any time during the cycle. The door lock keeps the door locked until all movement has stopped. The machine stops the shaking operation immediately if the can becomes loose.

The machine control system is based on very reliable plc and relays.

Data sheet

Technical data

Superior 5 litre shaker, efficient quiet and safe with 30, 45 and 90 seconds shaking cycles

Manual patented can clamping arrangement

Maximum product weight: 12kg

Maximum can size: 24cm (diameter) x 26cm (height)

Visual display of time selected and countdown in seconds

Operation instructions displayed

Electronic diagnostics of the electrical system

Safety features to prevent incorrect use

Door lock delay keeps door locked until all movement has stopped

Switches off if can becomes loose

Machine will not run if no can is present or if can has not been properly clamped

Override facility for shaking difficult plastic containers

Enclosed cabinet

Compact design to fit under dispensing machines