Minimix Manual 5ltr


Width = 54cm / Depth = 58cm / Height = 74cm


Operation is simple, load the can onto the platform, release and lower the clamp plate onto the can.

Move the locking lever to the lock position and close the door. Press the required shaking time start button. The door will lock and the shaking will start, the LED display will show the selected time and the remaining shaking time.

At the end of the shaking period the machine will stop and after all movement has stopped the door will unlock.

Solid, reliable build and on the market nearly 40 years!

Data sheet

Technical data

Superior 5 litre shaker, efficient quiet and safe with 30, 45 and 90 seconds shaking cycles

Manual patented can clamping arrangement

Maximum product weight: 12kg

Maximum can size: 24cm (diameter) x 26cm (height)

Visual display of time selected and countdown in seconds

Operation instructions displayed

Electronic diagnostics of the electrical system

Safety features to prevent incorrect use

Door lock delay keeps door locked until all movement has stopped

Switches off if can becomes loose

Machine will not run if no can is present or if can has not been properly clamped

Override facility for shaking difficult plastic containers

Enclosed cabinet

Compact design to fit under dispensing machines