Dispensing & Indexing Pumps

Dispensing Pump

Stainless steel canister 2.5 capacity

Stainless steel bladed paddle

Nylon paddle steady and canister lid

2 ounce pump tube precision honed to a high polished finish

Stainless steel piston rod, seal headers and spring

P.T.F.E. Front and sprung loaded rear seal

Stainless steel valve with four 'O' rings

Automatic nozzle seal to prevent colourant drying

Easy to read scale trim

Replaceable notched scale

Canister filter available

Indexing Pump

2 ounce Precision Pump

Patented Part Shot Device Dispenses .25, .5, .75, of one notch

Notch size 1/48 fluid ounce

Part and full shot dispensed together

Extremely accurate

Easy to read and operate

Various scales available

2.5 litre Stainless steel canister

Highest possible quality, built to last

Replaceable seal kits available

1/8th shot now available