Minimix Laboratory Mixer Homogenizer

Latest technology in variable speed mixing for Laboratories with abilities to handle many different sizes of containers and test tubes. Perfect for homogenization and cell lysis application (DNA/RNA, protein extraction…)

The Minimix will give you consistent results with a multiple choice of Speeds and times to suit your applications. The Minimix is a superior and robust mixing machine built to handle any materials put to 12kg of weight and run for as long as you require.


Full overview of controls and selections

Variable Speed Selection (3)

Choose the best speed for your materials

Large Platform to Handle Sizes

Large platform to handle a variety of pack sizes up to %L or 1Gal cans

AUTOMATIC: Minimix is fully automated so operation is safe
CHOICE: You can choose times and speeds
CONSISTENT RESULTS: excellent repeatability with any tasks

Quiet, Efficient Mixing

The Minimix unit is especially quiet in operation so easy to use in your Lab.

The mixing is built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Controls are all on front of unit with clear digital display. You can have pre-set times and speeds for repeatable tasks. Or you can vary according to your testing schedules and materials by varying the time to mix, set and save and also choose from 3 pre-set speeds.

Pressure settings can also be adjusted on the machine as it has built in safety features such as stopping should a can or package come loose during cycle.

The Operation is simple in that you add your can or package inside and place on platform centre. Close the door and select time. The unit will automatically lock the door and then clamp the can. It will start the mixing cycle and run till end of the elected time. It will then automatically lift off can when it has stopped shaking and once all motion stopped will unlock the door so you can remove packaging.


Read the full test tube results ran by The Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority