AeroColour E


Width = 25cm / Depth = 33cm / Height = 53.5cm

With a 5litre can filler
Width = 31cm / Depth = 43cm / Height = 74cm


To set, add can, start with On/Off Switch. Select On, machine pumps and to end of cycle it reverses briefly, switch off and remove can. Add new can, lock in place and repeat process.

Data sheet

Technical data

220-240v 50hz electric supply

110-60hz 50hz electric supply option

Fully enclosed Explosion Proof Unit

Stainless Steel body and frame

Suitable for Zone 1 Hazardous area

Powered by 0.12Kw motor

500ml Paint supply vessel

100ml required to fill a can in about 15-20 seconds

Up to 150 cans per hour

Spring Loaded can locator

Adjustable can locator for 400ml and 500ml cans

Compact design requires minimal space

Plug-in, add paint, calibrate time to pump 100ml of paint