Spinmix 800


Width = 116cm / Depth = 110cm / Height = 145cm


New Software designed to give Ultimate flexibility with Manual and Auto controls. Manual settings and operation to allow users to handle very specific products such as Heat Exchangers that require  cleaning- Can be filled with solution at Top of cycle; mixed for several minutes and then locked in bottom position to allow for emptying product. New Software design allows ultimate controllability with full safety features built in.

Operational Paramètres

Home Position

Fill exchanger with solution

Start cycle- run for several minutes at desired speed

Stop at opposite of Home position (bottom) cradle locked- drain exchanger

Return to Home position – Refill with clean fluid and restart cycle again!

We utilise the same Electrical control systems on all products so that we have full inter-changeability; Best Reliability in Market ; Ultimate Flexibility in Programming ; Best Solution Provider in Market.

Technical data

550mm wide opening. Max can height ``BEST IN MARKET``

New Manual / Auto Software Controls

New Lock At Top and at Bottom of Cycle – SPECIAL FEATURE

Fully Programmable times – speeds-pressures

Standard can width 34cm – optional 39cm wide

Max product weight 50Kg – BEST IN MARKET

Power supply 230v 50Hz – Or 110v 60Hz

Cast Steel Components for Long Life and solid reliability

Revolutions form 10RPM to 380RPM – UNIQUE PROGRAM

Stainless Steel Casing

Data sheet

Gyroscopic Mixer - Spinmix 800