Putting a new spin on paint mixing

As the latest in a series of well-respected paint-mixers from Merris engineering, the Spinmix 550 has been built for strength and performance over the long-term.

The gyroscopic twists and turns of the Spinmix 550 mimic the spin devices used to test astronauts and their reactions to weightlessness. These multiple movements ensure rapid mixing and excellent machine stability.

As Managing Director Brendan McGrath commented: “The Merris Spinmix 550 delivers rapid and effective paint mixing for cans of all standard shapes and sizes up to 25 litre capacity. The programmed gyroscopic movements not only produce perfect mixing results but also ensure stability during the mixing operation.”

Solid performance over the long-term

The Spinmix 550 unit has been constructed around an iron frame to allow for the mixing of maximum-weight paint cans and is ideal for heavy-duty commercial applications.

Meanwhile the user-friendly controls for this innovative paint mixer include push-button activation plus simple on-screen instructions making it very easy to use.