Flameproof Maximix


Width = 64cm / Depth = 63cm
Height = 122cm / Standard unit load height = 50cm


Operation is easy, load the can onto platform, release and lower the clamp plate onto the can. Move the locking lever to the lock position and close the door. Select time and press the start button. Door will automatically lock and shaking will start. When cycle is finished and machine has settled the door lock will release and you can then release locking handle slide upwards and half lock and remove can.

The Maximix Flameproof shaker has a power on switch on the panel and a light illuminates to let you know machine is ready to work.

Data sheet

Technical data

Superior 25 Litre Flameproof shaker efficient, quiet and safe

Rated for Zone 1 Area

Maximum product weight: 35kg

Maximum Can Height 46cm, Dia 33cm,. Min Ht 6cm

Manual patented can clamping arrangement

Timer select via potentiometer

1 HP 3 Phase Motor EEx 11 T1 – T4 ignition protection

All EX Safety switches used for all functions

220v input via EX plug arrangement

Door locked until all movement stops

Shaking cycle stops if can becomes loose

Machine will not run if no can is present or if can has not been properly clamped

Precision engineered solid frames and enclosed cabinet powder coated