Vibrational Shakers

Our Vibrational Shakers range starts at the popular 5 Litre MINIMIX up to the largest Automix 480 handling cans put to 48cm high and 40Kg weights. 
Our machines can be adapted to shake practically any product whether thick or thin, paints or inks and any other solution you can think of. The motion is vigorous creating an upwards and downwards push ensuring a very good mix of materials.

We can alter the speed and motion to suit very vigorous mixing or very gentle if re-mixing. Times can also be changed or set to suit various products. We give you ultimate flexibility and control of the mixing environment especially in Laboratory work where you need to be able to test materials and samples at various times or amplitudes to find optimum results. Above all we create, innovate and design high quality durable products built to last.

Our 5 Litre Minimix shaker is now adaptable for use outside the Paint industry and is extensively used in the R/D lab environment because of unique action and speed and is now available in a variable speed version in both low and high voltage 50/60Hz.

We specialize in adapting our shakers to your needs, customized colours company logos and more. Your request our pleasure!