Vortex Mixers

Our Vortex Mixers range starts with our Compact and efficient Spinmix 400 ideally suited for shops and retail outlets handling paints from 250ml to 20Litres. The action is more gentle that shaking yet as the machine spins on 2 axis it creates a vortex to swirl the materials around inside a can to create a very good thorough mix. Because of its nature it is more forgiving and gentle on packaging and easier on taller cans. Its unique pullout Tray make an ease out of loading large cans – Available on request –  Standard on certain models.

Due to its gentle nature we have successfully mixed paints inside plastic bags in cardboard boxes giving customers creative new options on packaging materials that are more sustainable into the future. Ideal for recycling, transporting and cost effective.

The Aerospace Industry now use our mixers to revitalize and clean Ozone filters for Airlines – such is our interest and ability to help find new uses and create new applications in varied industries to make life easier and more efficient. As with shakers we provide controls that put you as our customer in control with abilities to change the operating parameters to suit your product and environment. Above all we create high quality durable products designed and built to last.

Merris engineering is constantly looking a ways to innovate and keep our products up-to-date in demanding modern environment.